Email Marketing - 20 day E-course


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Email Marketing - 20 day E-course

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Email Marketing - 10 Day E-course

  • Day 1: Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses: Boosting Engagement and Sales 
  • Day 2: Increasing Customer Retention Through Email Campaigns: Strategies for Enhanced Loyalty 
  • Day 3: Automated Email Marketing Solutions for E-commerce: Boosting Sales Effortlessly 
  • Day 4: Personalized Email Content for Higher Engagement: Strategies That Work 
  • Day 5: B2B Email Marketing Best Practices: Elevate Your Outreach Strategy 
  • Day 6: Mobile-Friendly Email Design Tips: Optimizing for Engagement and Readability 
  • Day 7: Email Marketing Analytics for ROI Improvement: Strategies for Better Campaign Performance 
  • Day 8: Segmentation Strategies in Email Marketing: Enhancing Campaign Effectiveness 
  • Day 9: Crafting Compelling Email Marketing Calls to Action: Boost Your Click-Through Rates 
  • Day 10: Email List Growth Techniques for Startups: Proven Strategies to Amplify Your Audience

Advanced Email Marketing - 10 Day E-Course

  • Day 1: Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing: Strategies for a Unified Approach 
  • Day 2: Email Marketing Compliance and GDPR: Navigating Legal Requirements 
  • Day 3: Holiday Email Marketing Campaign Ideas: Strategies for Seasonal Success 
  • Day 4: Email Drip Campaign Examples and Templates: Boost Engagement with Proven Strategies 
  • Day 5: A/B Testing in Email Marketing Campaigns: Enhancing Engagement Strategies 
  • Day 6: Email Marketing for Nonprofit Fundraising: Strategies for Success 
  • Day 7: Optimizing Email Deliverability Rates: Key Strategies for Improved Inbox Placement 
  • Day 8: Creating Interactive Email Content: Engage Subscribers with Dynamic Elements 
  • Day 9: Email Marketing Trends in 2024: Navigating the Future of Digital Communication 
  • Day 10: Optimizing Email Marketing Open Rates: Key Strategies for Improvement

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video10 Day E-course Start
videoAdvanced Email Marketing - 10 Day E-Course Start
Chrissanne Long

Chrissanne Long

Course Instructor